Ideator. Spoken Word Poet. Occasional blogger.

I’m a Creative Director with over 14 years’ experience in the marketing communications industry. Over the years, I’ve won creative awards in Nigeria and other countries. I’ve also had the honour of sitting on advertising awards juries in Nigeria, USA and South Korea. I have a copy background.

As a storyteller, my aim has been to tell everyday stories that are relatable and backed by insight. As an African, I always look for ways to tell and retell African stories on a global stage, thus giving the continent a voice in the global “village square”.

This singular focus has helped me create unforgettable campaigns for clients such as Hero Beer, Etisalat Nigeria and many more clients.

I have also crafted communications for different political campaigns in my home state of Abia. One of the candidates who’s communications I helped create, is the current Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate.

Apart from my career in advertising, I’m also a Spoken Word poet with two albums released, as well as countless stage performances on stages in different countries.

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Skill And Competence

*  Very creative and analytical mind, as well as a strategic planner.

*  Relates well with people, so can work very comfortably with a team.

*  Have been actively involved in strategic planning of ideas before creative execution.

*  A strong believer that strategy drives creative.


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