A story is told about the Agama lizard who fell from a great height and managed to land on its feet unhurt. It waited for the applause of villagers but heard none, for there was no one around to witness this great feat. Yet, this did not stop the Agama from celebrating itself, for it remembered the lessons it had been taught as a child: "Your worth is not determined by the affirmation of others but by your belief in yourself".

This, as the story goes, is why the Agama lizard always nods its head.

You can also say this is the inspiration behind our brand campaign for WorldRemit. At a time when many would cast migrants in a bad light, it is refreshing to see a brand stand up for the migrant community and the world of difference that people who look like me (and many others we know) make in the UK and our countries of origin.

Working on this campaign was triggering on so many levels, but in the end, I am glad we are able to have this conversation.